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The CNS Group shares how it is helping business owners get back their time and become entrepreneurs through digital marketing and transitional management in an easy to follow step by step process.

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Today there is a crossover in business between the virtual world and the digital world, your digital space. We all know, if you're in business today, irrespective of what business it is, if you're not in the digital space with that business, your competition is going to eat you alive!

Okay, so how do you fix that? Where do you even start. You've never done anything like that before. Your business is installing solar panels for example, or putting up fences or you're an electrician, a dentist, an engineer, you've done your studies and trade. You're very good at what you do. You've got your business up and running, you've got word of mouth up and running, but you've got a Facebook page with a few mates on there, you've got your personal Instagram account that you send selfies around to your mates with, but you've never really utilized the digital space for your business, so that's where we come in at CNS Consulting, we help with the crossover.


One of the biggest tips we can give and one of the biggest failings we see, is clients who have crossover that includes personal stuff getting in the way, all the personal Facebook pages, personal Instagram accounts, they all bleed over into what is intended to be their digital business entity, so then you as the business owner have got your potential clients seeing Facebook and Instagram posts that you do not want them seeing. So also part of what we do, we completely separate that and strip that out, so people will only see the clean, crisp, professional image that you want to portray.

And then and only then can we focus on advertising in the digital space with Business Facebook, Adsense, Instagram Influencers and more...




So there's a crossover period, crossing over from the virtual business that you have up and running and doing well, crossing it over into the digital space to stay ahead, or even catch up, or compete with your competition who's there already!

So, we can take care of all of that for you. With a little bit of interaction and a bit of consulting, teaching and putting a strategy in place, that's something we can set up for you so it can be run quite easily. We even have autopilot programs so it's just a set and forget scenario.



We also want to make you aware of the white noise in the digital marketing space. Long gone are the days, if they ever existed, where you could get a topical, clever eye-catching picture, throw some smart text and a few dollars at it, publish or boost a post and have hundreds of customers beating down your door for your goods and services. It's just not going to happen; Ever! It just doesn't work, all the advertising out there along those lines is what we call white noise.

We search for that noise and research who is in that noise, then we make sure you're not! We pull you out of that, even clever videos with captions, the way browser habits are these days, you've got a microsecond to catch someone's attention, so you must be really clever with that attention capture from the outset.


And then, once you do achieve the click-through, there's got to be some substantial substance in there, in order to maintain people's attention.  You're not going to maintain attention past three seconds if you haven't, this is after the click-through! Past three seconds and they're gone! If there's not substantial substance in there that the browser is remotely interested in.





Some of the browsing habits of these users will even see them click away because they're so used to clicking away and then it registers in their brain that they actually did want to keep reading and then they come back, if they do not get distracted by something else! So people are automatically clicking away within a second or two. And then, if it did catch their attention, and they don't get distracted, they may come back. So that substance, that content is so important and it needs to be clever and it needs to be exactly what they are looking for and outside of the white noise.


Even if you have a very niche sector and your competition is one or two people in your area and in your specific market, you can't all do the same thing. You have to separate yourself. If there's a thousand people in your industry, if you have a thousand people competing with you, I guarantee you 80% to 90% will be the white noise and you will see the 80/20 rule where 20% of the marketing is attracting 80% of the attention, we'll even separate you from the 20%. So that's what we do at CNS Consulting it's about separating you from the white noise. Researching what that is, coming up with strategies to ensure that you are unique with your marketing and you'll get noticed, which will translate into conversions for you.


It's incredibly important to have unique content specific to your niche when digital marketing and to present yourself to the digital media space in a unique manner, mainly because of that white noise. Using cliches and industry wide terminology within your industry, within your niche, within your business sector, just gets you buried in the noise. The best strategy is to personalize it, add your personal story, your family's story if they're involved in the business, how long have you been in business, how you started, how you grew. It needs to be personal. In order to, not bypass, but speed up the engagement process, which is said to be between five and seven times you need to interact with someone before they'll trust you enough to engage you. You can speed up that process by personalizing your story and adding that to your marketing. They're certainly engage with you a lot faster than they would normally just engage with your products or your services alone.