Experienced and Accomplished Auction Agents

Why Sell by Auction?

Opportunities to Sell

The auction process allows three genuine opportunities to sell the property:

• Prior to auction during the marketing period

• At auction day under the hammer

• After the auction by negotiation with the qualified genuine buyers

Maximise result in any market

An auction is structured to attract genuinely interested unconditional buyers. An auction campaign adds urgency and allows buyers bidding in a transparent, competitive forum to encourage the best possible result.

Reserve Price / Vendor Bidding

You, the seller, set the reserve price in conjunction with your agent based on comparable market evidence and advice from pre-auction response. This reserve price remains confidential. The auctioneer may bid on the seller’s behalf up to the reserve price.

Auction Process

The auction method is the least disruptive and intrusive method. Your property will be open for inspection only at times that suit you best and you remain in total control for the whole process.

No Price Marketing

An intensive professional no price marketing programme is put in place to ensure that the property gains the maximum exposure in the marketplace prior to the auction date. It normally covers a 21 day time frame from commencement of marketing to auction date. Generally, the success fee costs no more to sell by auction than sale by private treaty.

Terms and Conditions

An auction contract is a cash unconditional contract. Buyers bid based on your set conditions with regards to deposit, settlement date and other requirements.

Time on Market

Auction properties are on the market for the least amount of time. Research indicates that 40% of properties that did not sell under the hammer are sold within 48 hours of the auction date, a major advantage over sale by private treaty.

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